Community Programs

Driving change; on and off the field

The Bulldogs aim to make a positive impact in our community by leveraging “the Bulldogs effect”. The “Bulldogs effect” is the power of the Bulldogs brand to positively affect social change.  

We are the family club that unites and inspires. The Bulldogs have conducted broad community consultations to develop a 3 year community strategy that addresses local social needs.

The Bulldogs will be working closely with our community partners to deliver educational programs and football clinics.

The Bulldogs in the Community program has achieved enormous success assisting charitable causes and raising over one millions of dollars for charity, local community organisations and schools.

Violence Prevention

White Ribbon Australia Initiatives


  • Raise awareness about men’s violence against women and children
  • Fund 15 schools across Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool and Cumberland to become White Ribbon Schools
  • Fund the professional development of 75 school teachers (primary and secondary) across Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool and Cumberland to assist in implementing violence prevention programs
  • Raise awareness about respectful relationship and violence prevention to 15,000 students across Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool and Cumberland
  • Bulldogs to become a White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accredited organisation

Kids Say No - Belmore PCYC

Kids Say No program focuses on educating and raise awareness of domestic violence issues and mental health, reinforcing good relationships and build a positive relationship between Police and young people, empowering young people to make right choices in life and also educating young people on healthy relationships.


The program provides the students with firsthand accounts through guest speakers from survivors of domestic violence.


Duration – School Terms

Target group – High Schools


  • Reduce each Program Participants involvement in the  crime categories/s
  • Increase attendance by participants to PCYC and/or Case Management
  • Young People to build confidence and increase communication skills
  • Better relationships between police and Young People
  • Raise Awareness and educate Young people on Domestic Violence
  • Show Leadership and continue to promote White Ribbon Day after the program has finished

Social Inclusion

Be All In

The ‘Be All In’ programme gives students an opportunity to participate in multiple sports and the education component covers topics like building social harmony, and valuing self-esteem and diversity.  

Duration – 8 weeks, Term 3 and 4 (2016) and Term 1 (2017)

Target group – High Schools


  • Collaborate with Western Sydney University, local Councils and community organisations across multiple regions
  • Improve student confidence by providing an avenue to meet and make new friends
  • Improve school attendance
  • Build community harmony
  • Provide educational pathways
  • Create a sense of belonging through sports

Brydens Community Membership Program

The Bulldogs believe we play a positive role in delivering social harmony. Thanks to our partner Brydens Lawyers, in 2017 the Bulldogs will collaborate again with local community organisations to allocate 500 (GA) family memberships to disadvantaged families including newly settled families.

As part of the initiative, Western Sydney University conducted an independent evaluation on the program and concluded the program provided significant benefits to the community.

The successful outcome and positive impact it has had on families has inspired Brydens Lawyers, Bulldogs and local community organisations to continue the program in 2017.  

Duration – TBC

Target group – Disadvantaged Families



  • Create social harmony
  • Engage disadvantaged families
  • Collaborate with local business and community organisations
  • Measure program impact through Western Sydney University


  • Facilitated positive engagement between participants and service providers
  • Strengthened relations between community and business
  • Increased Bulldogs visibility in the community
  • Strengthened social relations

Drop IN @ the Doggies

Upon conducting community consultation, the Bulldogs opened Belmore Sports Ground as an asset for community organisations to use the space to conduct programs addressing social cohesion, violence prevention and health & wellness activities. This has assisted in reducing the costs for local community organisations by accessing the space free of charge.


Duration – Every Thursday (school term) 3.00pm till 5.30pm

Target group – Young people


  • Increased knowledge and awareness around mental health and physical wellbeing
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of participation in structured/social and recreational activities
  • Engagement in educational and skills based workshops in a safe and supported environment
  • Access to information on relevant organisations, including: counselling, drug and alcohol support services, education and employment services.

Level Up

In partnership with Mission Australia’s Canterbury Bankstown Youth Services (CBYS) the Level Up program was a finalist in the NSW Premiers Community Awards. The initiative provides a fitness and living skills program to our young people. The program intends on delivering fortnightly workshops.  These workshops will involve both educational components and practical fitness sessions where the young people will get to take part in safe, fun and supervised physical activities.


The program includes educational components covering different topics such as nutrition, gambling with particular focus on sporting events and mental well-being.


Duration – Every Wednesday (school terms) 5.30pm till 7.30pm

Target group – Young people


  • To support young people in the Canterbury LGA in exploring the importance of physical wellbeing and the impact on their mental health.
  • To provide fortnightly opportunities for young people to explore their physical wellbeing through fitness and nutritional workshops.
  • To purchase fitness/sports resources not only for the use in such workshops but also for the sustainability in future programs.
  • To provide young people with a strong understanding of the significance of their own health both physical and mental well-being.  

Street Outreach 

In partnership with local community organisations, Youth off the Streets (YOTS) and Barnados, the Bulldogs will be delivering a street outreach and drop in program.

The program is designed to assist young people from CALD (culturally & linguistically diverse) backgrounds who are at-risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour, committing crime and disengaging from mainstream education for reasons including family issues, behavioural issues and learning barriers.


Duration – Every Wednesday (school terms) 5.30pm till 7.30pm

Target group – Young people


  • To facilitate an environment where young people feel safe
  • To engage with and motivate young people to identify their values, strengths and passions and have a better idea of which career path to pursue
  • Improve young people’s understanding of society and opportunities available
  • To foster relationships between young people and youth services
  • To utilise the power of sports to unify people
  • To strengthen the young people’s sense of community such as being part of a fan club of a popular sports team


Graffiti Art Project

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs and Vyva Entertainment have partnered up to breathe new life into Lilian Lane and present a new arts and entertainment precinct in the heart of the Canterbury Bankstown LGA. For almost three decades the space outside the stadium, which connects Belmore Station and Campsie Station has been given a face lift and we encourage and welcome you to use and enjoy the space.

Connecting it back to the historical roots of Belmore Oval, we’ve taken it back, all the way back to Belmore’s 1991 Rugby League Season,

Phase 1 of the project saw over 20 artists including Whenso, Rome, Jesta157, WoesOne, Relik, Sektor, Dritskee, Kadeoss The Boss, KEYS and Mistery restore the wall after more than 25 years. Mikey ‘Jesta157’ Freedom also ran the first round of graffiti workshops which enabled incredible young local artists a spot on the wall alongside their mentors.


Lilian Lane Arts and Entertainment Precinct Block Party

All this lead up to a community all age block party event on Sat 16th Dec. The launch of the Lilian Lane Arts and Entertainment Precinct featured a full roster of local singers, rappers, djs and a street dance battle. Despite the extreme heat, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees during the day, everyone stayed cool with cold drinks from the food tent, and enjoyed the vinyl painting activity under the shade of the marquees. It was a great day with the local community members enjoying the entertainment, the music and the newly repainted wall, bringing in new life to the Lilian Lane.

January – March 2018

Phase 2 will have artists repainting the back of the stadium buildings facing onto Lilian Lane.

4Elements HipHop Festival will be running a 7-week FREE graffiti workshop program at the Bankstown Arts Centre. The participants will assist the artists in finishing off the Lilian Lane new arts space.

You can register here:

Duration – 6 months

Target group – Young People, Artists and Community



  • Collaborate with local young people and artists
  • Improve safety, cleanliness and appearance of Lilian Lane
  • Encourage community to get ‘out and about’, to walk through the space more often
  • Engage community organisations and event organisers to use the space throughout the year
  • Build community harmony
  • Provide educational pathways
  • Create a sense of belonging through the arts
  • Increase the amount of public event spaces in the Canterbury Bankstown LGA


Health And Wellness

Active Breed 



Active Breed is a 12-week program focused on encouraging men to improve their physical and mental health and lose weight through a series of weekly education and exercise sessions. Each session will run for approximately 90 minutes and will focus on topics including:

• Weight loss
• Physical activity
• Dietary intake
• Mental health

Practical exercise sessions will cater to all fitness levels and will include football skills and drills, supervised gym sessions and small-sided social games. The sessions will be held at and around Belmore Sports Ground and will be run by health experts, Active Breed coaches and Bulldogs legends.

More information can be found HERE.

Hazem El Masri Cup

The Hazem El Masri Cup is a Rugby League tournament for high schools in the Canterbury Bankstown district that the Bulldogs will use to identify talent from the local area for inclusion in the Bulldogs development system. 


Three players will be selected from the tournament to join the Bulldogs Harold Matthews development squad over the coming summer.


Participation in the tournament is conditional on students having an attendance rate above 85% and the Bulldogs will also use the tournament to deliver important messaging around their three key social pillars – violence prevention, health and wellness and social inclusion.


The competition is named after Bulldogs legend and local junior Hazem El Masri who didn’t follow traditional Rugby League development pathways until he was spotted by talent scouts when he was 15 years old.  

Duration – School term (completed in September)

Target group – High Schools


  • Increase health & wellness through participation in rugby league
  • Increase awareness of the impact of family violence through education and the partnership with White Ribbon Australia
  • Promote community harmony through the support of local community organisations
  • Improve school attendance

The Bulldogs and Life Education NSW

At the Bulldogs and Life Education we truly believe that all children and young people deserve to lead safe and healthy lives – now and into the future.


The program aims to instil in children the means to make considered decisions about their own health and safety now and in the future.


With its flagship program, Healthy Harold and its Mobile Learning Centres (MLC’s), the Bulldogs and Life Education NSW will promote and deliver primary prevention programs in schools as well as facilitate convenient access for school aged kids of the MLC’s during selected home matches.


Duration – School terms

Target group – Primary Schools


  • Increase health & wellness through participation in rugby league
  • Increase awareness of the impact of family violence through education and the partnership with White Ribbon Australia
  • Promote community harmony through the support of local community organisations
  • Improve school attendance

Kit Up Our Schools

Bulldogs understand schools play a critical role in delivering social harmony in our community. Schools do a fantastic job with the limited resources available.


The Bulldogs and Canterbury Clothing Company (CCC) would like to acknowledge and support their schools by offering the “Kit Up Our Schools” initiative. In 2017, five local schools in the Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland and Liverpool areas involved in rugby league programs could have their school footy team kited up with new sets of jerseys.


Together with the NRL Game Development Officers, we will identify eligible schools to be kitted up in their schools colours.


We believe this initiative acknowledges the important role schools have in our society as well as deliver pride in the community they represent.


If you’d like to register your school for a rugby league program please CLICK HERE


Duration – School term

Target group – Primary and High Schools


  • Increase participation in sport
  • Promote school pride
  • Encourage social engagement
  • Utilise the power of sports to unify people

Community Carnival

Each year as part of a game wide initiative, the Bulldogs take part in a local and regional community blitz visiting local schools in the Bulldogs catchment as well as three day carnival to a regional area to deliver the games healthy lifestyle, education, cultural diversity and harmony initiatives.

From school and hospital visits to junior league coaching clinics, Rugby Leagues Community Carnival inspires children to lead healthy and active lives and to embrace Australians of all cultural backgrounds, as well as providing a focus for the tens of thousands of hours that NRL clubs and players dedicate each year to helping those in need.


Duration – School term

Target group – Primary and High Schools


  • Education on the benefits of living healthy lifestyles
  • Inspire children to play rugby league
  • Education on cultural diversity and harmony programs
  • Encourage safe play
  • Encourage social engagement