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Message from CEO Andrew Hill

Dear Members,

It was fantastic to see so many of you at Sunday’s AGM at the Canterbury League Club.

It shows the dedication and passion of the supporters of our club when over 350 people turn up at the AGM, and it was fantastic to be able to give everyone an update on where the club is heading.

After an opening address from Chair Lynne Anderson, who re-iterated her desire to make sure that the Members were listened to as part of an ongoing process of open communication, the room was able to hear from Head Coach Dean Pay, who spoke about the importance of everyone galvanising this year and playing for each other. Dean also spoke about the fact that the players and coaches understand that they carry the hopes of the entire Bulldogs community and how important that is.

Captain Josh Jackson carried on this theme and spoke about the lift that the players were able to get from the best supporters in the game.

The audience was then introduced to some of our new Jersey Flegg recruits for this season in Declan Casey, Paul Karatiana, Christian Urso, Devontai Seumanutafa and Aidan Aue, with Recruitment Manager Warren McDonnell giving a run-down on each players background.

This theme was followed up by Warren introducing our new NRL recruits with Nick Meaney, Christian Crichton, Jack Cogger, Corey Harawira‐Naera, Dylan Napa and Jesse Sue taking the stage to be interviewed by former Bulldog Steve Turner.

We then reached an important part of proceedings with three Special Resolutions being proposed by the Board in terms of:

* That the Constitution be amended to delete the heading ‘Proxies’

* That the use of Proxies be prohibited to be replaced by a postal voting system

* That the Constitution be amended so that Members are entitled to exercise their vote by a postal vote.

It is great to report that each proposal was voted in through a comprehensive majority.

In addition a further Special Resolution was proposed in terms of :

* The Conduct of elections to be undertaken by the NSW Electoral Commission

I am pleased to report that this resolution was also unanimously voted in.

The day was completed with the recommendation by the Board that the honour of Life Membership of the club be bestowed upon:

* Jamie Feeney

* Tony Grimaldi

* Corey Hughes

* Fred Walker

Each nomination was greeted enthusiastically by the floor and Life Membership presented on stage.

Overall, it was a great day that showed what a strong and resilient club the Bulldogs are and it showcased the tremendous passion of our Members.

With the season now just weeks away and the NRL side playing against the Raiders this Saturday (23rd) at 5pm, I am delighted to be able to say that the full match will be streamed live through the club website at

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Members Forum to be held early in the season. Details will be distributed in due course.

Andrew Hill,

Chief Executive