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The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are thrilled to announce the appointment of our inaugural ‘Born and Bred’ Member Committee for 2015.

13 proud members have been selected:

1.       Jim Sideras

2.       Ann O’Farrel

3.       Beshara Dafesh

4.       Doreen Scroggy

5.       Chloe Troth

6.       Simon Masterton

7.       Stephen Brewster

8.       Robbie Basha

9.       Michael Bargache

10.   Kim Meredith

11.   Christi Lee

12.   Carolyn Defosses

13.   Moody Hammoud

After receiving a large number of applications, a group of 25 were shortlisted and taken to a members vote.  We received hundreds of votes from our 2015 members and are pleased to see that a variety of demographics were chosen to represent the members on the Committee.

“The Member Committee provides us with a constant forum of discussion between the club and our members,” Chief Executive Raelene Castle said. “It will give us a greater understanding of how we can best service them.

“The membership staff went through a process with the members where they were able to select a range of different people, across different ages and areas. Also, different people were selected in relation to their type of membership so we have all bases covered when we have our discussions.”

For members like Ann O’Farrel, who have been involved with the club for so long, it is an honour to have been selected on the committee.

“It’s great to have an opportunity to put back into the club,” O’Farrel said. “I’ve been involved as a supporter for over 40 years and for a game that has given me so much excitement and pleasure over time, it’s great that now I can help to make a bit of a difference.

“We understand that a lot goes on at a club and a lot of the time the focus is on the bigger picture but this is a chance for us to voice our opinion on a range of issues across game day, ticketing, member packs and so on.”

In a Club first, the Committee will be discussing a range of areas including merchandise, game day experience and the membership program. They will meet bi-monthly with a summary of the meetings and the agendas covered available to view.

All members and fans are encouraged to contact members of the Committee with any feedback or suggestions they have on all aspects of the business. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks on the website, as well as your weekly email and social channels to see how and where you can contact the committee.

Don’t forget to RSVP to our Women In League Function next Thursday 14th May for your first chance to meet members of the commitee. To RSVP, visit

If you are not a member yet, it is not too late to join and secure your seat to our two very special games at Belmore. With our new Flexi Plus memberships just released, you can join now and have access to over 7 games for $90 for adults, $60 for concession $40 for juniors. For more information and to join now visit