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Confessed dog lover. father of two canine children and RSPCA ambassador Trent Hodkinson will feature in this Summers Animania magazine talking about what treats he gives his dogs for Christmas.  

What Trent Gives His Dogs for Christmas

Jax is a blue English Staffy and will be two years old in January. He loves playing at the beach and his favourite treats are pigs ears. Indi is a white English Staffy and turned one in November. She is very boisterous and loves playing tug o' war with Jax. Jax’s first Christmas was lots of fun. He
had a stocking filled with treats and wore reindeer antlers. For Indi’s first Christmas, we will fill her stocking with treats. No doubt she will be Santa’s little helper.

Trent who joined RSPCA to ensure the welfare of all Animals is a regular paticiapant in the Million Paws Walk and now he is spreading the Christmas cheer and asking all animal lovers to become an RSPCA guardian angel these holidays.

This Christmas season RSPCA NSW is bracing for another 11,000 animals to call RSPCA shelters home. The RSPCA needs Guardian Angels to donate money and watch over one of the animals that will spend Christmas without a family this year.


People can donate via the website; or by calling 1300 RSPCA 1