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Its the one day of the year I cant wait for, footy is back and tonight Ill be glued to my TV screen like millions of other rugby league fans as season 2013 kicks off.

Although the pre-seasons seem to get shorter in relation to the amount of days, every year it seems so long between the day that one team gets to hold that trophy aloft until we get to see all 16 teams go around again.

Im a rugby league lover, like many, so now that Ive retired from the game it gives me the opportunity to sit back, enjoy each and every game and see some of the great talent that we have in our sport.

Whilst Im very keen to see the Bulldogs go well in 2013 there are a number of teams that I think will give this competition a shake. A lot of people have asked me to give them my top eight and I think Ive given them a different answer every time. Whilst there are probably three or four that I definitely think will be there in September, the other positions seem to change every week for me. That is what is so good about this game. Each and every week you can watch any match and you know it is going to be a great contest, there are other competitions around the world where you could pick winners easily but not so in the NRL, I think its fantastic what weve got.

I have taken on a new role and its great that its within rugby league. Ill be a video referee and be a part of the game that I never thought I would. Ill be at the Bulldogs game this week and be alongside the very experienced Paul Simpkins, so itll be good to learn from him, it is a process for me but one that Im glad to have taken on.

Ive been back in Australia for around six months and I must admit its been great to come back and see the Bulldogs in such a great position. With Todd Greenberg leading from the top and one of the top Coaches in Des Hasler at the Club it is great that everyone is going in the same direction. The training facility at Belmore is something that Im sure one that many other Clubs would be jealous of and it has improved ten-fold since the days when I used to run around there. It was good to get back to Belmore last month and it was also a great pleasure to receive Life Membership of the Club. When I look at the list of recipients before me there are so many great players and administrators who have done so much to make the Bulldogs what it is today. It was such a proud moment for me and I must admit I was quite emotional when I did go up there to receive it from my great mate Bobcat (Andrew Ryan).

We lost a great friend of the Bulldogs last week in Karen Folkes, The wife of Bulldogs former player and Coach, Steve Folkes and the daughter of Club legend Peter Bullfrog Moore, Karen unfortunately losing her long battle with cancer. Karen was a lady that provided so much to the Bulldogs over the years, she welcomed all the wives, girlfriends and children and organised events and so on for weekends that we were away playing. There were great friendships formed that still remain today so yesterday was a sad day when we said goodbye at her funeral. She will be remembered by all of us that she helped throughout our time at the Club.

Bring on the footy!