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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. COVID-19 Response & 2021 Credit
  2. Membership Renewals
  3. New Memberships
  4. Membership Packs and eMber+ Platform
  5. Member Classifications
  6. Payment
  7. Seat Allocation
  8. 2022 Season Draw
  9. Game Day
  10. General Questions

1. COVID-19 Response & 2021 Credit

On June 26, our Club, our sport and our community was impacted again by the Greater Sydney lockdown. Since then, we have asked for your patience as we worked with the NRL to keep the 2021 Season running, and our staff examined how the changes would impact our Members and their entitled benefits. This has been a long and complex task, and we are incredibly grateful for the time you have allowed us. 

Will I be compensated for 2021?
At the conclusion of the season, we announced our Credit Program in response to COVID-19 and its impact on 2021 members. As part of that program, Members were able to indicate their preference for receiving a credit, with the option of Pledging their membership fee to the club. Ticketed members who did not Pledge will be eligible to receive a partial credit when renewing their 2022 membership.

How is this partial credit calculated?
Eligible members will receive a credit towards their 2022 membership, with the value calculated as follows:

Please Note: The final value of the credit depends on the type of membership package held.

  1. Membership is broken down into Ticketed and Non-Ticketed benefits. In 2021, we were able to deliver the Non-Ticketed benefits, such as your Member Pack, dedicated customer and administration services, exclusive Member communications with further discounts and offers, as well as the Ticketed benefit of attending 5 home games in Sydney.
  2. The costs incurred by the club to deliver the non-ticketed benefits were deducted from the price of the 2021 membership package.
  3. The remaining balance of Ticketed Benefits was divided by the number of game entitlements included in your membership package to calculate the per game value.
  4. This per game value was multiplied by the number of games you were unable to attend due to matches being played behind closed doors, with this figure being the final value of your partial credit.
  5. Your partial credit will be automatically deducted from the price of your 2022 Membership.

How many matches did I miss out on?
Due to the lockdown restrictions in Sydney from June 26 onward, we were unable to deliver the Ticketed benefits that you were entitled to from Round 16 of the 2021 Telstra Premiership Season onward. In short, we will provide you a credit for the 5 home games and 1 reciprocal game against the South Sydney Rabbitohs that you were unable to attend as they were played either behind closed doors or relocated to Queensland.

What if I am a 4-Game Flexi member?
Due to the lockdown restrictions in Sydney from June 26 onward, the Ticketed benefits were impacted as the number of games that you could choose to attend were reduced as they were played either behind closed doors or relocated to Queensland. As a gesture of goodwill, we will provide you a credit for 2 home games. This credit will be automatically applied towards your 2022 Membership.

What if I held a P1 Parking Pass?
You will also receive a credit for the 2 matches you were unable to use your P1 Parking Pass at Stadium Australia. The credit for your P1 Parking Pass will be made available upon request when purchasing a 2022 P1 Parking Pass, the final price of which will be determined once the 2022 draw has been finalised.

Can I change my Membership package in 2022?
Members who are eligible to receive a partial credit towards their 2022 renewal may also be able to upgrade their membership and receive a partial credit depending on the packages you are changing to and from. This can be achieved by contacting the Membership Services Team.

Please see the table below which illustrates all the options available for each 2021 eligible membership package in order to receive a partial credit when changing membership packages.

  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Ultimate
Full Season Kennel
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Ultimate
Full Season Blue Zone
  • Full Season Kennel
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Ultimate
4 Game Flexi Kennel
  • Full Season Blue Zone
  • Full Season Kennel
4 Game Flexi Blue Zone
  • 4 Game Flexi Kennel
  • Full Season Blue Zone
  • Full Season Kennel

What if I pledged my 2021 Membership?
We are extremely grateful to those members who Pledged their 2021 membership fee and displayed immense generosity during such a challenging time.

As part of their Pledge, these members have indicated that they do not wish to receive a partial credit towards their 2021 membership and will pay the renewal price.

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2. Membership Renewals

How do I know if I am on the automatic renewal plan?
If you purchased your membership with a debit card, credit card or via direct debit, you are part of our automatic renewal program. An email was sent to those on the automatic renewal plan with all relevant information regarding their 2021 Membership package and price.

When will my Membership automatically renew?
If you purchased your 2021 Membership with a debit card, credit card or via direct debit, you are part of our automatic renewal program. An email was sent to those on the automatic renewal plan with all relevant information regarding their 2022 Membership package and price. If your Membership is set up on auto renewal, your 2022 Membership payment will be processed on Tuesday 26th October 2021.

How can I opt out of the automatic renewal?
You can only opt out of auto-roll over in writing by sending an email to our Membership Services Team stating your Member ID number, full name and reason for opt out no later than 5:00pm Friday 22nd October 2021.

Can I change my Membership package?
Yes, but first you will need to opt out of the automatic renewal plan. Once you have opted out, you can browse our website to find an In Stadium, At Home and Foundation package that suits you. If you need help choosing, you can contact the Membership Services Team.

How do I know if my Membership has been renewed?
You will receive a confirmation email once your Membership has been renewed and payment has been deducted. If you are unsure if your Membership has been renewed, please contact the Membership Services Team.

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3. New Memberships

Why should I become a Member?
Members play a critical role in the success on and off the field of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Moreover, members are the lifeblood of our club, it is their passion and support which inspires our players and drives their actions. Each pack member is contributing towards the success of the club and is vital in our quest for a premiership each year.

What kind of Memberships are available?
There are three broad types of membership, allowing every fan to be a member and contribute towards the success of our club.

  • 'In Stadium' memberships are for those who are able to attend live home matches and are available in both Reserved seating and General Admission options.
  • 'At Home' membership packages allow those members who are unable to attend matches to demonstrate their support for the club and be a part of our family.
  • 'Foundation' membership packages are a tax-deductible donation to the club which greatly support our efforts both on and off the field.

How do I become a Member?
You can join the pack from 12pm Monday, October 11, online or over the phone on 8985 7194.

What happens after I join?
After creating an account with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs you will receive an email to confirm that your account has been created and what your unique Member ID number is.

Once purchasing a Membership, you will receive another email to confirm your purchase. Following this, you will also receive further information about how to begin redeeming your Membership Pack.

As a Member, you will also begin receiving exclusive communication directly from the club, including team news, signing announcements and much more.

How will my seat be allocated?
New reserved seat members will be allocated seats on a best seat available basis according to the time of the membership purchase and availability of seats. If you have a specific request please contact the Membership Services Team to discuss your options. 

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4. Membership Packs and eMber+ Platform

Whats is eMber+?
eMber+ is a bespoke new online platform which will allow eligible 2022 Members to customise their Membership Pack with an array of available items, some of which can be personalised. Each Member receives product entitlements to be redeemed as well as a credit value to be spent in the eMber+ shop on items of their choosing. 

How do I begin?
The eMber+ platform will launch in November and Primary Account Holders (PAH) who have renewed or purchased a 2022 Membership by this time will receive an introductory email with a username and further information about how to establish an account in eMber+. Those who renew or purchase a 2022 Membership after this launch date should expect to receive the introductory email within a week of their purchase. 

I am a 2022 Member, but I haven't received an email about eMber+
Please visit our contact us page to enquire as to when you will receive this introductory email. 

How do I start building my Membership Pack?
Once you’ve received your introductory email you will be able to sign in to your eMber+ account in the Login page using the username provided in the email you received and the password you created. Once signed in you will be able to redeem your product entitlements and progress through the shop to spend the assigned credit value for all Members in your group. 

Who is eligible to receive a Membership Pack and credit? 
Members who have purchased their 2022 Membership are entitled to receive a Membership pack and credit towards the eMber+ shop. Registered Junior League Members as well as Companion Members will receive a digital copy of their Membership Card as well as the ability to establish an eMber+ account and shop the store. 

What is the credit?
This credit is available for you to use within the shop and has been provided as part of your Membership. Each Member within your group receives an assigned credit amount, this is combined to allow the PAH to spend the entirety of the credit in the same transaction. 

How much credit do I have?
Once signed in to your eMber+ account you will see your credit in the top right corner of your screen. This credit can be used to shop for items across all categories as well as cover the postage and handling fees associated with your order. 

Please Note: this amount does not update as you add items to your cart. View the cart to see the amount owed including the postage and handling. Adult, Concession and Junior Members each receive a credit to the value of $50. Whilst Family’s of 4 receive a credit of $180, this takes into account the discounted bundle that makes up the Family Membership and considers that postage handling fees will cover the entire groups order. 

Will I receive more credit if I do not redeem the core Membership entitlements?
Once signed in to your eMber+ account you will have the option to redeem a physical Membership card as well as a sticker sheet. You will not receive additional credit for choosing not to redeem these items. 

All Members will also receive a separate email containing a digital copy of your Membership card which can be added to your wallet on compatible devices as well as a pdf version that can be printed. 

How can I apply credit to my order?
Once you reach the checkout stage of your journey, please apply your credit by entering the value of your credit into the designated text box. This credit value can be used to pay for the products in your cart as well as the postage and handling. The available credit value will not be automatically added to your order, please ensure you add this value before you checkout. 

Does my credit also cover the postage and handling fees?
Yes, the credit can be used to cover the cost of the postage and handling fees. 

Can I spend above the assigned credit value?
In 2022 it really is Your Pack, your way. With an array of items to choose from there is no limit to what can be included in your Membership pack. If you do exceed the amount of credit value you are able to pay the excess by entering your payment details. If at a later time you would like to add on more items, you can always sign in to your account and purchase more items in a separate transaction. 

How long do my entitlements last?
Entitlements will not be carried over from year to year. On the 31st of August 2022 any remaining entitlements (product and credit) will be removed. You will not receive a Membership Pack unless you redeem your pack and will not be entitled to additional credit moving forward if you do not receive a Membership Pack. 

How can I personalise my own Membership items?
Selected items can be personalised with a name. Simply insert your required name/s within our product page(s) prior to adding your item/s to cart.  

Why can't I see 'Add to Cart' for some Membership items?
For any item with multiple design options, please click on your preferred design. The 'Add to Cart' button will then appear for you to proceed. Personalised items will also need an entry added. 

What are the delivery timings for my order?
Your membership items are made to order. For standard delivery, please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. For express delivery option, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  

I submitted my order, however I didn't receive an order confirmation.
Once you have signed in to your eMber+ account please go to Account Dashboard by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Here, you can view your recent order. Alternatively, please visit our CONTACT US page. 

I haven't received my order yet?
Once your order has been sent you will have received a dispatch email, this email contains a tracking number and link. Please follow this link and input your tracking number to monitor your delivery. Please note if your parcel has had an unsuccessful delivery attempt/s, this will be returned to us for confirmation & re-sending out to you. If you selected standard delivery, please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery and if you opted for the express delivery option, please allow 10-14 days. If your wait time exceeds these timeframes, please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page and include your order reference number. 

I received my delivery, however there is an item/s that is missing/damaged.
Please visit our Contact Us page and include your order reference number as well as any photos of your item/s you could share with us. 

I have a question about the Membership Pack. Who can I contact?
Please contact the Membership Services Team or visit our Contact Us page. 

Can I use my credit to shop for items at the Bulldogs Team Store?
No, your credit is exclusive to the eMber+ platform and cannot be used for items at the Team Store. But don’t forget you are entitled to a 15% discount on items purchased from the Bulldogs Team Store and on game day. 

Can I return or exchange the items I received?
The items you purchase are made to order specifically for your Membership Pack. Unless items are faulty, damaged or the incorrect size they cannot be returned or exchanged. 

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5. Member Classifications

How do I qualify as a Junior Member?
To be eligible for junior membership you must be under 18 years as of 1 January 2022. A member’s date of birth must be provided when purchasing a junior membership. Children under 4 as of 1 January 2022 are admitted free of charge when not occupying a seat.

What does a Family consist of?
Family packages consist of two adults and two juniors. To qualify for a family package, your children must be under the age of 18 years as of 1 January 2022.

How do I qualify as a Concession Member?
To be eligible for a concession Membership the applicant must have a current form of identification that proves they meet the requirements below. The following forms of identification are accepted:

  • Pensioner – Aged, TPI (valid ID cards including senior’s cards)
  • Student – Fulltime tertiary and secondary school students (valid ID required)

A valid copy of your concession card must be sent through to to be eligible for Concession Membership.

Do the Bulldogs recognise Companion cards?

We recognise the Companion Card NSW. Companion Card NSW holders are eligible for complimentary entry to Bulldogs home games, with a paying concession Member for the 2022 Season.

To redeem a companion Membership, a valid copy of the companion card must be sent through to

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6. Payment

Can I pay for my Membership in instalments?
For ticketed memberships, we offer a Monthly Payment Plan. Instalments are deducted on the 26th of each month starting from the next business day following the purchase to the 26th of May 2022. Payments can be deducted from credit card, debit card or bank account. The Monthly Payment Plan has a one-off $5 set up fee with a 3.09% monthly transaction fee.  A $10 fee will apply to all failed transactions.

Are there any additional fees and charges on my Membership?
A one-off service and handling fee of $4.75 per transaction applies.

How do I update the credit card on my Membership?
If you are on a payment plan and need to update your credit card, you can do this directly through Debit Success. If you have any difficulty, please contact the Membership Services Team on or phone 1300 769 164.

I did not pay my 2021 Membership in full, can I renew in 2022?
If you did not complete your 2021 membership payment plan, your account has been deactivated. Please contact the Membership Services Team to discuss the options available to you.

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7. Seat Allocation

What and when is the same seat deadline?
All 2021 Reserved Seat Members have until 5pm Friday October 29 2021 to renew their Membership for the 2022 NRL Season and ensure they retain their same seat. On Monday November 1 2021, all un-renewed Membership seats will be released to begin the seating request process.

How can I change or upgrade my seat?
Members looking to upgrade or change their seat are advised to contact the Membership Services Team to discuss the options available. Members will then be prompted to complete the 2022 Seat Request Form. From Monday November 1 seating requests will be actioned based on the 2022 Set Request Form in order of completion.

If after attending a game I am not happy with my seat, can I request a change?
If you are not happy with your seat/s after attending a game, please contact the Membership Services Team. We will do our very best to arrange new seating for you, subject to availability.

What is a Reserved Seat Membership?
A Reserved Seat Membership guarantees you the same seat at each home match. There are four Reserved Seat options.

  • Ultimate
  • Platinum Plus
  • Platinum
  • Gold

For more information on the Reserved Seat options available please browse our full range of In Stadium Memberships.

Please Note: COVID-19 may cause seating restrictions to be enforced at matches in 2022. If so, Reserved seat members may be unable to sit in the assigned seat that they have been allocated. However, you will be able to sit in a seating bay within your package category. For example, a Platinum member may be unable to sit within their allocated seat however they will be able to sit in a Platinum seating bay.

What is a General Admission Membership?
A General Admission membership allows you the flexibility to sit in any seat available within the allocated seating bays for each home match. There are four General Admission options.

  • Full season Blue Zone
  • Full Season Kennel
  • 4-Game Flexi Blue Zone
  • 4-Game Flexi Kennel

Both packages allow members to choose their own seat each week. For more information on the General Admission options available please browse our In Stadium packages.

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8. 2022 Season Draw

When will the 2022 Season Draw be released?
The 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership draw is due to be released in late November 2021.

Where are we playing our home matches in 2022?
Home matches in Sydney will be spread across the following three stadiums:

  • Stadium Australia
  • CommBank Stadium
  • Belmore Sports Ground

The 2022 draw will be designed to ensure we play the right match at the right stadium to maximise the Member and Corporate experience.

Will we play any home matches outside of Sydney?
The 2022 season draw will confirm if any home matches will be played outside of Sydney.

How do I travel to each stadium?

  • Stadium Australia
    Plenty of parking is available in Sydney Olympic Park near ANZ Stadium. P1 parking can be paid for using tap & go cards at the boom gate upon exit, alternatively, pre-purchase P1 parking prior to the game through Sydney Olympic Park. The closest station to Stadium Australia is Olympic Park. Visit to plan your trip.
  • CommBank Stadium
    There is no public parking available on-site at CommBank Stadium, however there is plenty of parking available in Parramatta CBD within walking distance of the stadium. Visit City of Parramatta - Parking for more information. The closest station to CommBank Stadium is Parramatta. Visit to plan your trip.
  • Belmore Sports Ground
    Parking is limited on local streets and car parks in the area so if you are planning on driving, arrive early and allow additional travel time. The closest station to Belmore Sports Ground is Belmore. Visit to plan your trip.

Will a P1 Parking Pass be made available for Members to purchase?
The Membership Services Team will continue to work with Sydney Olympic Park to devise a strategy for P1 Parking which is in the best interest of members for the 2022 season. Once this has been finalised the plan will be released to all members.

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9. Game Day

What if my Membership card is lost or stolen?
If you have lost or had your membership card stolen, please contact the membership services team to arrange a replacement card. A replacement card fee of $15 will be charged to your account.

What if I forget my Membership card on Game Day?
If you forget to bring your membership card to a Bulldogs home game, the club can provide you with a replacement ticket on the day from the Bulldogs Membership Services Window located at:

  • Stadium Australia (Ticket Box JK and Ticket Box AB)
  • Commbank Stadium (Ticket Window B)
  • Belmore Sports Ground (Main Gate)

Photo ID is required when requesting a ticket replacement.

Is my Membership card transferable?
Membership cards are transferrable, if they are transferred to a person of equal or lesser status. i.e. an adult cannot gain entry using a junior or concession card.

Can I bring flags and banners into the stadium?
If your flag or banner is over 1.5m, you will need to be a Kennel member and register it with the Membership Services Team. Please complete the Flag and Banner registration form and provide a picture of the flag or banner as well as the dimensions.

What packages provide me access to the away game against the Rabbitohs?
If you are a Full Season Ultimate, Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, Kennel or Blue Zone Member, you will be entitled to attend our away match in 2022 against the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Seating details for this match will differ from home matches and will be included on your membership card.

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10. General Questions

How do I purchase a Membership as a gift?
We recommend putting the membership in the name of the person who will receive the gift, however to avoid spoiling the surprise, please list your own contact details. Once the gift has been received, please contact the Membership Services Team to update their details so we can continue to update them on Bulldogs news and events.

What games can I go to with a 4-Game Flexi Membership?
With a Flexi membership you can choose to go to 4 games at any home venue in Sydney.

Do I get a discount on tickets to away games?
Discounts for away matches are subject to the hosting team. Please keep an eye on your email for updates throughout the season.

Do I get a discount on tickets to home games?
You are entitled to a discount on additional home game tickets for family and friends. Please keep an eye on your email for updates throughout the season.

Refund & Exchange Policy?
As a general policy, memberships cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. Membership applications will be processed as received and cannot be withdrawn once processed. It is recommended that all supporters read the Terms & Conditions, as well as the FAQ’s before applying for a membership.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs respect and honour the Darug and Eora nations, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.