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Bulldogs Under 13 Development Squad

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Rugby League Club wishes to announce its 2019 Under 13 Development  Squad.

Training will be at Belmore Sports Ground commencing Tuesday September 24 @ 5:30pm (approx. 90 minutes)

Players to meet in the home dressing room from 4:30pm to complete paperwork.


Training – Thursday September 26

Training – Tuesday October 1

Training – Thursday October 3

Training – Tuesday October 8

In-house Trial – Thursday October 10

From the trial, a squad of 35-40 players will be selected to participate in our December / January Under 14 Development Squad.

Bulldogs Under 13 Development Squad

Mitchell Woods                                  St Christophers
Jack Hanratty                                      St Christophers
Kian Todd-Bonselaar                          St Christophers
Shemaiah Tufuga                                St Christophers
Takerei Barden-Te Ahohanga             St Christophers
Diazhye Tipene                                   St Christophers
Mitchell Rowles                                  St Christophers
Jayden Mallia                                     St Christophers
Aledin Hrvat                                       St Christophers
Isaia Elisara                                         St Christophers
Livai Saukuru                                      St Christophers
Pfeiffer Feagaiga                                 St Christophers
Ayman Maarbani                                St Christophers
Liam Walsh                                         St Christophers
Saint Fuatimau                                   St Christophers
Daniel Christodolou St Christophers
Romace Karhani                                 Greenacre Tigers
Ahmed Haddad                                  Greenacre Tigers
Chris Alaelua                                      Greenacre Tigers
Mazhar Saboune                                Greenacre Tigers
Ali Abboud                                          Greenacre Tigers
Omar Derar                                         Greenacre Tigers
Gibral Khodr                                       Greenacre Tigers
Fayez Dassouki                                   Greenacre Tigers
Ibrahim Yatim                                     Greenacre Tigers
Tokemoana Taani                               Greenacre Tigers
Mohamed Hadid                                Greenacre Tigers
Mohamad Zailaa                                Greenacre Tigers
Zackariah Rahal                                  Greenacre Tigers
Zackaria Naaman                                Greenacre Tigers
Rykeman Hausia                                 Greenacre Tigers
Hori Fua                                              Chester Hill Hornets
Jone Nakauciri                                     Chester Hill Hornets
Samuel Vandermade                          Chester Hill Hornets
Simione Laiafi                                     Chester Hill Hornets
John Pasina                                         Chester Hill Hornets
Charlie Tanoi                                      Chester Hill Hornets
Marouf Chaker                                   Chester Hill Hornets
Jordan Turner Gilbert                         Chester Hill Hornets
Yousef El Saj                                        Chester Hill Hornets
Noah Cherkaoui                                 Chester Hill Hornets
Abdulraham Kaddour                         Chester Hill Hornets
Zac Merriman                                     Chester Hill Hornets
Jayden Kouka Chester Hill Hornets
Assaad Dib                                          Bankstown Bulls
Dantae Moors                                     Bankstown Bulls
Jaiden Barakat                                     Bankstown Bulls
Ezekiel Saili                                         Bankstown Bulls
Tylah Slate                                          Bankstown Bulls
Willam Moala                                     St Johns Eagles
Ortiz- Nichpulas Tekoronga Riggot    St Johns Eagles
Jacob Sedrak                                       St Johns Eagles
Elias Matta                                          St Johns Eagles
Sammi Chalak                                     St Johns Eagles
Oscar Broederlow                              St Johns Eagles
Ibriham Charara                                 St Johns Eagles
Justin Tarchihi                                     St Johns Eagles
Sheldon Abbey St Johns Eagles
Loua Suleiman                                    Bankstown Sports
Muhammed Elrich                              Bankstown Sports
Jonathan Motualoto                           Bankstown Sports
Khoder Suleiman                                Bankstown Sports
Hamza Beyroutieh                              Bankstown Sports
Noah Byrne                                         Moorebank Rams
Bailey Graham                                     Moorebank Rams
Noah Beattie                                      Moorebank Rams
Blake Hawes                                       Milperra Colts
Jarryd Walshe                                     Milperra Colts
Brodey Kipa                                        Milperra Colts
Daniel Louka                                       St Christophers
Jayden Morabe-Russell                      St Christophers
Oscar Sullivam                                    St Christophers