Round 11 NRL Team News

Christian Crichton will replace Jayden Okunbor on the wing for the Bulldogs clash with the Melbourne Storm on Sunday at Belmore (2pm).

Okunbor has a small Lisfranc injury to the ligament between the first and second toe. He will not require surgery and is likely to be sidelined for 4 to 6 weeks.

The match will also see Marcelo Montoya play his 100th club game for the Bulldogs.

Match: Bulldogs v Storm

Round 11 -

Full Time

Home Team


Scored 6 points

Away Team


Scored 28 points

Venue: Belmore Sports Ground, Sydney

Match broadcasters:

  • Foxtel
  • KAYO

The full squad is:

1. Nick Meaney (Brought to you by Miramax)

2. Christian Crichton (Brought to you by Alexander Michael Advisory)

3. Marcelo Montoya (Brought to you by M&J Chickens)

4. Will Hopoate (Brought to you by Reliable Food Distributors)

5. Reimis Smith (Brought to you by CPE)

6. Kieran Foran (Brought to you by Greenacre Dental)

7. Jack Cogger (Brought to you by Hy-Tec Concrete)

8. Aiden Tolman (Brought to you by Signadvice)

9. Jeremy Marshall-King (Brought to you by Ultimate Security Australia)

10. Dylan Napa (Brought to you by Sydney Freezers)

11. Josh Jackson (Brought to you by Dental on Evaline)

12. Corey Harawira-Naera (Brought to you by Guardian Venue Management)

13. Chris Smith (Brought to you by McDonalds Punchbowl)

14. Rhyse Martin (Brought to you by BSC)

15. Ofahiki Ogden (Brought to you by KIA Motors)

16. Danny Fualalo (Brought to you by Waterview)

17. Sauaso Sue (Brought to you by Gatorade)

19. Michael Lichaa

20. Lachlan Lewis

21. Kerrod Holland

23. Raymond Faitala-Mariner

Coach - Dean Pay (Brought to you by MPA)