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Bulldogs SG Ball Cup 2019 - 2019 Summer Squad

The Bulldogs are pleased to announce their SG Ball Cup - 2019 Summer Squad.

The squad will meet for an induction night at Canterbury League Club on Thursday November 1st at 6:30pm

(Players must bring a parent to the induction night)

The squad will undergo a compulsory education and testing day at Belmore Sports Ground on Saturday November 3rd at 8am

Training will commence on Monday November 5th with details to be made available at the Induction night.

Can players please confirm that they accept their position in the Bulldogs SG Ball Cup – 2019 Summer Squad by emailing Paul Arraj at the Bulldogs on 


Name Club 
Zac Rumble


 Andrew Hadchiti  Bankstown Bulls
 Diego Bravo-Graham  Bankstown Bulls
 Jordan McGrath  Bankstown Bulls
 Lachlan Jordan  Bankstown Bulls
 Matt Borg  Bankstown Bulls
 Ouday Zreika  Bankstown Bulls
 Adam Agha  Bankstown Sports
 Billie Mohamed  Bankstown Sports
 Chris Patolo  Bankstown Sports
 Danny Ghantous  Bankstown Sports
 Faga Autagavaia  Bankstown Sports
 Hussein Yaghi  Bankstown Sports
 Issam Merhi  Bankstown Sports
 James Valevatu  Bankstown Sports
 Jazzaah Schaafhausen  Bankstown Sports
 Joshua Kalati  Bankstown Sports
 Khalad Rajab  Bankstown Sports
 Louie Yehia  Bankstown Sports
 Manoa Veikaso  Bankstown Sports
 Moses Vuki  Bankstown Sports
 Rabi Chami  Bankstown Sports
 Will Saunders  Bankstown Sports
 Joshua Parke  East Hills Bulldogs
 Apisalome Saukuru  External
 Compton Fuatimau  Bulldogs Harold Matts
 Cooper Talau  Moorebank Rams
 Kurt Picken  St George Dragons
 Lipoi Hopoi  St George Dragons
 Mosese Pope  St George Dragons
 Billy Hamawi  St Johns Eagles
 Jacob Karam  SSt Johns Eagles

 Liam Barton

Jackson Tipone

 St Johns Eagles

St George Dragons