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Tarsha Gale Squad Attend Careers Workshop

Making decisions about careers and future pathways can be a confusing and challenging time for young people. Delivering high quality career development, well-being and education programs for all players has always been an important priority for the Bulldogs.

Our Well-being and Education department at the club provides players with information and guidance to help them to identify and prioritise their future career goals and find a successful balance between their endeavours on and off the field. 


A recent study commissioned by the NRL and conducted by Professor David Lavallee found that the higher the career engagement –

  • The higher the probability of being selected
  • The higher the probability of a longer contract
  • The higher the probability of more years in the game

In early December, our Tarsha Gale Squad attended a Careers Workshop at Belmore Sports Ground which included the completion of a CareerWise action plan to outline their current and future work and study plans.

They were then asked to create collages using magazines, coloured pencils and butchers paper, representing aspects of their life, interests, values and aspirations.  The players were encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to envisage new possibilities for their life and career.

They explored what is meaningful to them and expressed their goals and hopes for the future and learned a lot about each other, not only regarding their goals for their football career, but also interests, feelings and dreams for their life outside of sport. 

Following the workshop, the girls had dinner together, cooked by Andy Patmore, the Pathways Performance Manager, which was an opportunity to further bond as a team and spend some quality time together.