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James Graham fronted the media today and was asked about his role as skipper during this difficult time and the upcoming match with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

As the Skipper of the team, what are you doing to try and keep the spirits up?

It’s foreign territory for a lot us that have been involved in the club since my time here. We’re going through a new experience and we don’t want the younger guys to go into a hole. We can’t make the playoffs, but there are other motivating factors of why people would want to play well. There’s plenty of reasons why the people within the squad would want to perform well, both individually and as a team.

Join us for Sunday afternoon football on August 20!

What do you make of the Rabbitohs?

It was a big win for them against the Dragons, especially coming from behind against a side that was fighting to stay in the eight. It’s always a big game whenever we play South Sydney and they’re in a similar situation to us. It should make for a good game, although the circumstances are a bit different this time. Hopefully the fans can get behind both sides.