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Referees boss Tony Archer has admitted the on-field officials got a crucial call wrong during the Roosters' win over the Bulldogs at Allianz Stadium on Sunday. 

The Bulldogs were trailing by two points and mounting a second-half fightback, when in the 71st minute of the match a touch judge overruled lead referee Gerard Sutton, saying Roosters fullback Michael Gordon hadn't played at a kick. 

Replays showed that Gordon clearly stuck his foot out in an attempt to play at a kick from Bulldogs winger Brett Morris before he regathered it.

Instead of awarding the homeside another set of six on the Roosters tryline, the referee’s called a turnover with Archer admitting the on-field officials made the wrong call.

"In the 71st minute of the Bulldogs and Roosters game, you can see the referee awarded a handover to the Roosters. After having the opportunity to review the play, the referee on-field should have awarded six more as the ball was played at by Michael Gordon,” Archer said following the game.