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The NRL and 16 clubs today agreed on a united position to deliver players a fair share of the game's revenue in the current CBA negotiations.

CEO Todd Greenberg said everyone in the game agrees that the players deserve to be recognised as genuine partners in the game and fairly compensated for the quality of football being delivered in the NRL every week.

He said the NRL and clubs today agreed on a proposal which will deliver a significant increase in funding for players, wellbeing and development.

Mr Greenberg said the NRL and RLPA had agreed to negotiate privately rather than giving detailed updates on the proposals being discussed. 

“However, I can say that we believe we have all landed on a fair positon to be discussed with the RLPA which has the backing of all 16 club Chairmen and CEOs,” he said.

“We look forward to discussing that proposal further with the RLPA in the coming weeks.”