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They are conditioned to show no fear on the football field but don't be fooled, there are plenty of things that make our game's toughest stars go all squeamish.

John Asiata (Cowboys)

I don't watch scary movies, that's for sure. As a kid I used to think they would bring nightmares, and still today I don't watch them. Some of the boys have tried to take me to watch 'The Conjuring', but I haven't budged. Tautau Moga, he went and watched 'The Conjuring' and after the movie he changed his [social media] profile picture to a picture of Jesus. He was pretty scared but he came home and he didn't want to sleep alone actually. But me, I'm not scared of much. I don't like scary movies.

Tyrone Roberts (Titans)

Sharks. I'm scared of sharks, I'll tell you that right now. I grew up in Ballina and I used to swim in the river all the time and didn't realise all the sharks that were around until I got older and now I'm just petrified of sharks. I started surfing down in Newcastle but when all these shark attacks started happening I haven't touched the board since. I never saw one but I was never the one out the back I'll tell you that right now. I was the closest one to the shore.

Suauso Sue (Wests Tigers)

I don't really like spiders and snakes, that's about it. Creepy crawlies!

Aaron Gray (Rabbitohs)

I wouldn't be getting too close to snakes. We used to go rock picking near my farm in Crookwell and we'd pick up these big rocks and they'd come out from underneath and we'd chase them and try get them. There were red bellies, brown snakes and a few other ones.

James Graham (Bulldogs)

I'm not scared of spiders, but I'm scared of them killing me because I don't want a premature death. I'm not afraid of heights either, but I'm pretty scared of falling.

Sam Tagataese (Sharks)

I hate making a fool of myself or being scrutinised a lot and sometimes it's because I don't think before I speak. I'm of Samoan heritage which is typically shy. We're all a bit passive and that's the same for me too. My English isn't the greatest and sometimes I might muddle up some of my words but as I mature that's becoming all good now. Here we are now, throw whatever at me and I'm all good to handle it.

Adam Blair (Broncos)

For me it would be a fear of losing someone that I love. I think it comes from my culture. I'm a massive family person so I feel losing someone that I love would be something I am very scared of.

Scott Bolton (Cowboys)

Spiders. I don't like spiders. I haven't been bitten but I just don't like them, they're creepy-looking.

Waqa Blake (Panthers)

I'm not afraid of too many things. I'm probably scared of letting the team down more than anything. I don't dwell on that too much but that's probably my main one. You don't want to go out there and let anybody down. I know all my teammates don't think like that though, we all trust each other and we'll all back each other which is cool.

Blake Ayshford (Warriors)

Snakes and spiders. The best thing about New Zealand is that there is none of that. I remember the first time we went on a bush walk over here I kind of refused, I said, 'Nah, you don't do that' because in Australia I wouldn't go near it. I hate snakes and spiders.

Jake Granville (Cowboys)

Probably scared of snakes more than anything. I haven't really come across any but I reckon I'd be pretty scared of one of those big five-metre pythons. Would probably freak me out a bit.

Acknowledgement of Country

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs respect and honour the Darug and Eora nations, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.