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As professional athletes, the Bulldogs use BodyScience to fuel our performance and assist in recovery, both in training and on Gameday. caught up with Strength & Conditioning coach, Harry Harris as well as Sam Perrett to find out what bodyscience products they are using to get the most of our their training.

Harry Harris works diretly with the NRL squad to ensure the Bulldogs have the best training regimen in the National Rugby League.

For Harry, bodyscience suppliments are key to the weekly routine of the Bulldogs to help train, play and recover.

"bodyscience allow us to give the highest best range of suppliments we can give (to the team)," Harris said.

Sam Perrett admits he is no fountain of youth but still trains as hard as he did as a rookie.

"our best tools are the things that help us recover like your proteins and amino acid's... it's so important for us to keep our performance up," Perrett told


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