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Find out more about Tash who is enjoying her second year as a Sapphires Brand Ambassador and works in Business Management outside of the Bulldogs.

The best thing about being a Sapphire for me is “talking to all the fans especially the younger ones it reminds me of when I was a fan back in the day”. It brings back all the great memories going to the game and supporting the boys with my family.

Being a woman in the NRL and a Sapphire gives us a unique perspective on things, “it also shows our younger female fans out there that there is a place for them moving forward too”.

The greatest part of the bulldogs is “the community behind it”; it really makes our jobs as club ambassadors so much more enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine being a part of a club that doesn’t have the great family and community values that the Bulldogs do.

My greatest inspiration is “my dad, he’s a really strong person and he’s always got a positive outlook on things”. He has been instrumental in making me who I am today, allowing me to become a club ambassador for the Bulldogs.

What is your dream job?

CMO for a really innovate company maybe Red Bull or Virgin.  

What is your biggest fear?

Losing the people I truly love in my life- that’s friends and family.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a fear of escalators, I can fit my fist in my mouth and my first year at uni I studied visual arts majoring in Sculpture- yep I was a hipster.