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When I found out there was a position available to join the Sapphires I was so so excited! The process towards getting to this position was nerve racking because I didn't know what to expect. From then on I was getting costume fittings and rehearsal days, everything started off so crazy. 


On my first training night I was nervous to meet the other members of the squad but they were all so welcoming and treated me like I was a part of their family. Being one of the youngest girls in the squad I could see the motivation and passion from the other girls, who have been a part of the squad for some time. I look up to these girls so much and have already made some lifelong friendships. Learning 4 routines in a few hours was overwhelming but dancing is something I love so much so it came naturally to me to be able to handle the workload. Fitness and workouts is another passion of mine and thanks to C-life Gym I have been able to fulfil these things that I enjoy mostly in life.


My first game was the biggest roller coaster of emotions. There were times where I had really big adrenaline rushes and other times where I was shaking with nerves. Meeting fans before the game was fulfilling, the diehard fans giving me the biggest smile and laughs. As soon as I was on field the nerves were gone, I was out there doing what I love best but this time with screaming fans and a sea of blue and white in front of me. The fans are so supportive towards us and I can't thank them enough. It was my first game on and we won which was even more exciting because I could celebrate the win and also being my first game as an ambassador made it that little bit sweeter. I never expected to be in this position today and am very appreciative of this opportunity.


Thank you to the squad and everyone else involved for making my first game so memorable I will never forget it.


Hope to see you all at my next game! #PHIREUP