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Bulldogs TV has spent time with the Milperra Colts JRLC to find out about the club and catch up with the kids from the under 8s.

Colts History

The idea to form an extra junior league club in the Canterbury Bankstown District was spawned in 1969 in the mind of Don Ross who had fallen out with Revesby Central Club.
Despite some strong advice from many people who considered that the district was adequately supplied with junior clubs and that an extra club was not really feasible, Bluey persisted and went around the Milperra Hotel recruiting such people as he assessed would be suitable committee members.

Having recruited a sufficient number of people the meeting of the club was arranged and was held in the home of Jim Whitton in Langdale Ave, Revesby where the committee was elected. Jim Whitton was elected President, Don Ross - Vice President, Dick Underwood - Treasurer, Ken Isaacs - Secretary and the remainder of the committee was Les O'Brien, Ben Powell, Doug Prout and John Franks. The committee met from time to time during the first year and the various problems arising when formulating a club were discussed.

A general meeting of the Milperra Colts was convened on 12th May 1970 in the club lounge at the Milperra Hotel at 8.00pm with eighteen persons in attendance including the Treasurer of the C.B.D.J.R.L., Mr Les Cox who outlined the procedure for the formation of the new club.

The Executive and the Committee elected the following persons, President - Jim Whitton, Secretary - Ken Isaacs, Treasurer - Dick Underwood with the Committee of Don Ross, Bill Petchy, Don Braunuing, Russell Miller, Benny Power, Garry Cameron, Allen Houghton and Les O'Brien.

Allen Houghton painted a large number of coloured boards depicting various club colours and it was finally decided by the committee that the colours of Milperra Colts as we now had been named, would be green and white.

A third colour, black, was added some years later at the request of the Referees Association so that the socks could be distinguished in scrums from the Riverwood colours, which were red and white. The club commenced raffles in the Milperra Hotel and after a couple of years had accumulated a good working account. But things really started to happen when the junior league issued an ultimatum that as a club and its colours had been registered for a couple of years, and to date had not fielded a team, that it would become compulsory for a team to be fielded during the next season - probably 1971 or 1972.

As the club had no luck at this stage in recruiting juniors, it was decided that the only solution was to select an A Grade side from the talent available in the pub.

So the first Milperra Colts team took the field as an A Grade and the reward for the players was an 18 gallon keg on Sunday nights after each game. Although the inaugural team was not so successful, it paved the way for the club to recruit juniors and the club became the most successful junior club in the Canterbury District.

First Grade Players From Milperra Colts

  • Michael Pobje
  • Steven Price              
  • Justin Holbrook                                                                      
  • Greg Barwick                
  • Daniel Heckenberg      
  • Trent Cutler
  • Tim Winitana