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The Eels have got off to a flying start to the #raceto20k leading the Bulldogs at the 15,000 Member mark, with the Bulldogs trailing 1400 Members behind.

However with the team getting a big win in Round 2 against the Sharks and in recognition of two of the thirteen Membership inclusion matches already played, the Bulldogs are ready to overcome their late start and bridge the gap.

All 2014 Bulldogs Memberships have now switched to ‘late starter’ pricing! That means if you are truly #proudtobeabulldog all Memberships represent considerable value for the remainder of 2014.

Membership is a great way to engage the family and spend quality time together, no matter if it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday. With 3 and 7 game packages also available, there are simply no excuses to not being a Member.

 “…..there is a few unhappy people, but in the spirit of what we are trying to do, both Clubs got together and said we want to get to 20,000 Members,” Bulldogs Chief Executive Raelene Castle, reluctantly stated as the Eels were confirmed the first to 15k.

“I think we’ve had a good start to the season, a good win last night, we are going to be launching a late starter pack for everybody who has been a bit slow off the mark joining our Membership group and we hope they come on board and we can work towards that 20,000.”

Beyond being just a fan, a Member shows a loyalty that makes a huge difference. It helps us invest in equipment and facilities so we can perform on the field,

We want you on our team!


Become a Bulldogs Member today.

In Person: Bulldogs ‘pop-up’ Teamstore: 376 Burwood Road, Belmore
Mail: PO Box 123 Belmore NSW 2129

Phone: (02) 9789 8000