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Kennel member, Jacinta Murray explains what it's like on Game Day in "The Kennel"

Game day. The men in the blue and white collect their thoughts as they begin their march through the tunnel. Adrenaline pumps through their bodies as the roar of the crowd becomes louder. They make their way through the smoky mist towards the field. As they run out, a wall of blue and white hits their sight. They see passionate supporters holding banners, waving flags, and cheering at the top of their lungs. They see “The Kennel” in all its glory. And they see its members giving everything to lift their team. Jacinta Murray is one of those members. She “bleeds blue and white” week in, week out for her Bulldogs. Together with her friends from school, work and close to her family, Jacinta cheers loud and proud in “The Kennel”.

Growing up in the Canterbury-Bankstown area, Jacinta has always been a Bulldogs supporter thanks to her family. She counts Hazem El Masri and Andrew Ryan’s farewells and the 2004 Grand Final among her most memorable moments.

But becoming a Kennel member has given Jacinta even more special memories as a Bulldogs fan, when Frank Pritchard and Sam Kasiano dropped into the Kennel during a few games in 2012 to soak up the atmosphere. “It is absolutely amazing to have visits from Frank and Sam,” Jacinta said. “The Kennel just loves having visits from them. It lifts everyone up so much more, especially when they join in on the chants and play and dance to the Lebanese drums. “The atmosphere becomes so much more electric with them in the Kennel and it’s great to see that they come and sit with the fans.

“It just shows how much they love and appreciate our support!” You can see Jacinta on game day, holding up banners such as “Dogs of DEStruction” and “Ennis the Mennis”. You will also hear her join her fellow members in chanting support for their team, with chants such as “I said boom boom boom! Now let me hear you say Rey-nolds! Rey-nolds!” Being a Kennel member is about fun as much as it’s about passion. Jacinta enjoys games with her friends and regularly makes new friends. The mutual love of the blue and white always creates great bonds and starts conversations. Most of all, Jacinta firmly believes in Kennel members contributing to the success of the Bulldogs. “It’s extremely important for a team to have passionate fans like The Kennel because it lifts the players up that little bit more. “A lot of players have said so themselves; they hear the fans and it helps them push that little extra to get over the line.” Bulldogs Co-Captain Frank Pritchard agrees. “We can hear them singing loud and proud at all our home games at ANZ Stadium,” Pritchard said.

“I have experienced their atmosphere first hand, when I spent some time in The Kennel throughout season 2013,” Jacinta has signed up again in 2014, pledging her support for the Bulldogs as Kennel member. “I’ve had the best experience with The Kennel and it's an amazing atmosphere in there. We have the best seats in the house surrounded by loyal, passionate and loud fans.

“It just make game day so much more enjoyable!” Become a Bulldogs Member from $50 for Adults and $40 for Juniors. Members receive 15% discount on merchandise* through the Club!


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