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Here is an update on the members we have on board with us for the 2014 season in our Raceto20K with Parramatta Eels.

It's the new year and with the season not to far away, there is still plenty of competition off the field as we race the Parramatta Eels to 20,000 members.

The latest number of members both clubs have on board so far follow:

Bulldogs: 10,611 Eels: 10,727

The Eels are just in front of us, so come on Bulldog supporters, join your team and become a member so we don't have to fly their flag outside our offices.

Neither Club has reached the 20,000 target before however record breaking sales have the Bulldogs confident they’ll be victorious while the Eels expect that their extensive support network will get them across the line.

“We want to walk away from this challenge with a clear cut win,” said Bulldogs CEO Raelene Castle.

“The great battles between the Bulldogs and the Eels, especially during the eighties, are a big part of the reason why these clubs enjoy such extensive support.

“We’re now asking these supporters to convert their passion into Membership and I’m very confident the Bulldogs will rise to the challenge.”

Parramatta CEO Scott Seward says the Eels embrace any opportunity to assert dominance over the Bulldogs.

“Parramatta supporters have stepped up to every test the Club has faced over the years and I know the chance to claim bragging rights over the Bulldogs will be a significant incentive for many to sign up as a Member,” Seward said.

Canterbury legend Terry Lamb, who thrived on the rivalry with Parramatta, is keen to spread the Membership message.

“I see people all the time who tell me how much they love the Bulldogs and my message to them is pretty simple: if you love our Club you’ve got to become a Member,” said Terry Lamb. “Making the Membership commitment brings you into our Bulldogs family and the great sense of belonging that’s associated with that.”

Become a member today: