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Today consisted of a number of school visits in the morning and afternoon as well as a coaching clinic in the early evening.

The school visits gave us a chance to speak of the importance of education and how having a good education opens up plenty of opportunities, speak about what we do and who we are, the players had a chance to speak about their careers and what it takes to be a footballer, deliver the NRLs Dream Believe Achieve program as well as get out in the school grounds and take the kids through a number of rugby league drills.

Well there are some very talented kids amongst the schools and they all enjoyed getting involved and throwing the footy around.

The heat did not affect the students, one bit, although it was a shock to many of us, the kids just got on with getting out there and enjoying the chance to spend time with the Bulldogs.

To see the smile and joy on the kids faces is certainly a humbling experience.

At every school we were welcomed with a traditional handclap and the discipline and respect the students show, definitely blows you away.

We visited Carteret Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School, Our lady of Sacred Heart International School before lunch and Eli Vanara Primary School, Raval Primary School and Kaselok Primary school in the afternoon.

At Kaselok Primary School we were given a traditional welcoming, which included been given a bouquet of flowers and having the kids sing a welcome song as well as their province national anthem and the anthem of Papua New Guinea, an amazing experience.

Following the school visits we conducted a coaching clinic for the local High School Rugby League team coaches as well as their captains, where we took them through a number of ball handing drills, passing drills, tackling drills and a couple of games we do at the Bulldogs.

By the time the clinic ended, it had been a long day in the heat and humidity, but there is nothing more satisfying than getting out and making a difference in the community.