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Bulldogs Help Educate Kids with 'Party Safe' Program

The Bulldogs in the Community has re-commenced the popular school program Party Safe with Condell Park High School and All Saints Grammar having visits from the Bulldogs in recent weeks.

This program is sponsored by Study Group Career Education colleges and aims to empower young adults to make the right decision when faced with tough moral choices in common party situations.

The program is facilitated by Bulldogs Social Worker Athina Shelston and recently retired Bulldogs player Steve Turner who use visual presentations to demonstrate to students common problems that may arise whilst attending a party.

Students are prompted to consider how they would act in certain situations and what the consequences of their choice might be. Party Safe addresses key problems such as peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual and physical assault, and the role that parents play in shaping the behaviours of our youth.

High Schools interested in having this program presented to their senior students can contact the Bulldogs for further details.