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Terms & Conditions

1. Members agree to be bound by the Conditions of Entry of ANZ Stadium. Further details can be found at

2. The prices advertised in the brochure exclude all applicable credit card transaction fees. Members paying in full will have the credit card transaction fees added to the total cost of the membership. For members paying in full the fees for VISA, Mastercard and AMEX will be charged at 1.95% and Diners will be charged at 2.95%

3. Save in exceptional circumstances, the Seat/s allocated to the registered Member shall be for all ANZ Stadium Bulldogs Home Games

4. As well as admitting the Member to all Bulldogs Home Games, the Season ticket will entitle the holder to free admittance to all Bulldogs NSW Cup and Holden Cup designated venues throughout the season.

5. In the event that the Season Ticket is lost or stolen the Bulldogs must be notified immediately so that the card can be cancelled. Note, there will be a fee of $25 to replace the card.

6. The dates, venues and times of NRL fixtures are subject to alteration.

7. The Bulldogs take our Members privacy seriously. For further details regarding the Bulldog Privacy Policy refer to

8. Members will not be eligible for compensation should they be unable to attend a game.

9. The Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel a season ticket if the Member is found to have breached ground regulations or the Bulldogs Code of Conduct.

10. Members can cancel their season tickets at any stage throughout the season and will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee per ticket and an amount proportionate to the number of games remaining and benefits they have received.

11. Customers who who choose to pay for their Bulldogs Membership via a payment plan are bound by the Debitsuccess terms and conditions as noted on

12. The Club cannot guarantee the composition of the playing roster throughout the season as players are subject to injury and performance requirements which impact their ability to take the field.

13.Membership cards are transferable provided that they are transferred to a person of equal or lesser status eg: A Concession Member can only pass their ticket to a person also eligible for a Concession. The Member is responsible for this persons behaviour and may have their season tickets suspended or cancelled should this person no abide to the Bulldogs Fan Code of Conduct or Ground Regulations.

14. It is the responsibility of the member to fill in their application form accurately and completely and to update the Bulldogs should their details change. The Bulldogs will not be held responsible for Members failure to receive communications as a result of incorrect or outdated information being provided to the club.

15. Fetch-a-Friend prizes will be sent to referring Members current address as provided on their Membership renewal form following full payment of the referred Members account.

16. Additional tickets for Kennel Members are subject to availability. Requests need to be made to Bulldogs reception by 12pm Wednesday proceeding the Home game. Ticket holders details must be provided upon application and holders must comply with the Bulldogs Code of Conduct and any breaches may lead to the suspension or cancellation of the referring Kennel Members Season Ticket.