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18th Player






Before the first game of 2007 the Bulldogs announced the retirement of the number 18 and its dedication to the Members. Captain Andrew Ryan explained

"Every week we have 17 Players named. When we play at home, it feels like we have an extra player with us - an 18th player. This player is you, our Members. Only you can wear the number 18."

The Club is looking to you to nominate someone that you believe exemplifies the spirit and passion that we know our fans possess. Someone who follows the team through the good times, through the tough times, someone who is proud to say they are a Bulldogs fan, somebody through personal hardship still gives their support to the team.

On March 29, 2007, the Bulldogs announced the retirement of the number 18 jersey. This jersey will no longer be worn by any Bulldogs player in any grade of football.

A giant 18 jersey will be displayed at the northern end of all Bulldogs home games at ANZ Stadium as a permanent reminder to everyone of the contribution of Bulldogs fans.

How to Enter
If you know of a worthy recipient of the signed 18 jersey, please contact the Bulldogs Club one of three ways:

1. Send a letter to 18 Member, Bulldogs Rugby League Club, PO Box 123, Belmore, NSW, 2192
2. Via fax: (02) 9789 8001
3. Via Email: , with 18th Member in the heading

Make sure you include your reasons for nominating this person.