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Tuesday 17 April 2012 1:53 PM


How do I request for a signed jersey?

The Bulldogs are inundated with requests from community based organisations. These include requests for signed memorabilia, personal requests and charity merchandise. Due to the overwhelming amount of community requests received by the Club, unfortunately not all can be fulfilled. To be eligible for a donation request please complete the online donation request application.

If your application is unsuccessful, signed jerseys are available for your community event unframed for $395. Please click here to purchase a signed jersey.



Where can I get a copy of the Annual Report?

You can view a copy of the 2012 Annual Report here

You can view a copy of the 2013 Annual Report here

You can view a copy of the 2014 Annual Report here

You can view a copy of the 2015 Annual Report here

You can view a copy of the 2016 Annual Report here

How do I get my favourite Bulldogs players autograph?

Unfortunately the Bulldogs do not accept merchandise for the purpose of autographing. Items received by the Bulldogs will be returned to the sender. The Bulldogs cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged. Alternatively the Bulldogs recommend becoming a member! Members receive exclusive access to Bulldogs players through member’s only events. Become a member today.



How do I get a Bulldogs player to attend our event?

The Bulldogs are committed to supporting our local community and are available for a limited number of appearances throughout the year. Numerous requests are made of the Bulldogs to have players appear at schools, charity events, special functions and local sporting clubs. As a result the Bulldogs have a player appearance procedure set in place. To be eligible for a Bulldogs player to attend your event please complete the online appearance request application form.



Can I do work experience at the Bulldogs?

There are currently no workplace positions available at the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs receives many requests for work placements throughout the year. The availability of placements is based on work load of the department and the availability of a staff member to supervise the student. When these opportunities arise the club will advertise on the clubs website. Unfortunately the Bulldogs are unable to provide work experience to High School students.



How do I apply for a job at the Bulldogs?

There are currently no workplace positions available at the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs advertises in a range of media, including on the Club's website, when recruiting for positions depending on the role available. Due to the overwhelming number of expression of interests and unsolicited applications we receive, the Club unfortunately is not able to respond to every applicant.



Can I apply for discounted tickets to a game?

The Bulldogs receive many requests to assist with ticketing from a wide range of community groups. The Bulldogs recognises it has a responsibility to the broader community and therefore provides access to our great game to community groups via a formalised community support ticketing program. To find out more about the Bulldogs support ticketing program please click here.



Can I request a game day experience at a Bulldogs home game?

The Bulldogs receive many requests for inner sanctum experiences to Bulldogs home games. Such experiences include after match shed access and sitting in the player’s enclosure. These experiences are extremely rare and are subject to management approval. Priority for game day experiences will be given to Bulldogs community partners – particularly premiere community partner Camp Quality. Bulldogs members also have the chance to receive inner sanctum experiences at each home game. Become a member today!


Canterbury Breed Giveaways

·        Trading Cards limited to the first 2000 Members to show their 2016 Member card

·        1 Character card per Member, per 2016 home game

·        Giveaways limited to the first 2,000 people to collect from the pick-up station

·        We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any point

·        Only available for collection on Game Day

·        Collect at the Activation Zone, located on the Western Side of ANZ Stadium

·        F&B offer valid to first 1,000 purchasers only and subject to availability  

·        F&B offer available at all ANZ Stadium retail food outlets on Levels 1 and 4 only





How can I get posters / stickers?

Bulldogs posters are available for collection from the Bulldogs office at Canterbury League Club, Belmore NSW 2192. Alternatively posters are available from the Bulldogs teamstore at Centro Bankstown. Due to high demand of requests, we are unable to post them.



How do I contact the club to provide feedback?

The Bulldogs welcomes feedback whether positive or negative from an experience you have had with us. The Bulldogs please ask for all communication to be in writing and sent to Member enquiries will be given priority upon responding. The Bulldogs do not accept phone calls. Thank you for your cooperation.


Bulldogs Community Approach

The Bulldogs have recently concluded thorough community consultation to identify what social issues affect our community.  Upon completion of the consultation process, we have identified three key themes to help address critical issues affecting the community.

A range of mechanisms and avenues were used to facilitate the widest possible participation from the stakeholder groups. Local community networks and support organisations were involved in identifying community stakeholders, particularly interests and needs and how best to engage.


The three Community Themes are;

1.       Violence Prevention

2.       Health and Wellness

3.       Social Inclusion

Included in each Community Theme are focus programs. The Bulldogs will collaborate and partner with community organisations along with corporate partners with a shared community focus.


Violence Prevention

Health and Wellness

Social Inclusion

·         White Ribbon Schools Program

·         Youth Champions

·         Active lifestyle

·         Healthy Eating

·         Mental Health

·         Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

·         People with Disabilities

·         Indigenous

·         Youth at Risk



Violence Prevention


GOAL: Collaborate with White Ribbon Australia and other community organisations to reduce

the incidents of violence against women and children through awareness campaigns and the facilitation of violence prevention programs.

How will we do this?

  1. Fund 15 schools located in the Bulldogs region over 3 years to become White Ribbon Schools
  2. Support programs delivering education programs about respectful relationships
  3. Provide resources to community organisations and schools working towards gender equality
  4. Identify male leaders within our community positively promoting gender equality
  5. Bulldogs to lead in the violence prevention area by becoming the first sporting franchise to be a White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accredited
  6. Actively participate and support local community White Ribbon events
  7. Raise awareness about the impact of men’s violence against women using Bulldogs reach and match day events

Health & Wellness


GOAL: Increase the participation in sport and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to reduce childhood obesity and improve mental health

  1. Increase the participation of children and newly arrived migrants in sports across the Bulldogs region
  2. Educate young people about the benefits of exercise and healthy living to reduce obesity and improve mental health
  3. Bulldogs to deliver fun and engaging Health and Wellness education programs
  4. Provide resources and acknowledge community organisations and schools effectively promoting healthy lifestyles

Social Inclusion


GOAL: Leverage the “Bulldogs effect” to create a harmonious community by actively engaging and celebrating cultural diversity

  1. Actively promote and celebrate the benefits of cultural diversity through community and business collaboration
  2. Actively showcase diversity and inclusivity across the Bulldogs region through, social media, events and match day activities
  3. Facilitate an inclusive and safe environment for young people utilising Bulldogs resources
  4. Proudly acknowledge the traditional owners of the land at major Bulldogs events
  5. Provide resources and acknowledge community organisations and schools effectively promoting social inclusion